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DJ Ronald B & The best Dance Classics In The Mix on Gran Canaria

Dance Classics Party Gran Canaria

The best dance classics in the mix

DJ Ronald B at work





DJ Ronald Boulangier also known as DJ Ronald B has over 25 years of experience in the best discotheques in the Netherlands.

Living on Gran Canaria for 18 years and specialized in music from the 70´s , 80´s , 90´s and 00´s also known as Dance Classics.

The art of ´´live mixing´´ straight forward using the Pioneer XDJ-RX digital controller is completely different comparing with other DJ´s .

His collection contains over more than 20.000 digital songs from the ´´golden age of music´´ and the best music played in the famous 

Beach Clubs in Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

DJ Ronald B brings you the best ´´Dance Classics In The Mix´´ during a 2 or 4 hour Dance Experience for all people from 16 till 66.

Dance Classics Mixed & remixed by DJ Ronald B

Dance Classics Party Night

Not only the original Dance Classics but also the best remixes combined with some super hits of today.

Using the Pioneer XDJ-RX in combination with 2 x 1000 Watt LD Maui 11 G2 sound system , brings you a high quality disco sound

for a party up to 150 people.

Mixing in progress

DJ Ronald B at Work

Mixing in progress

DJ Ronald B at Work







You can book DJ Ronald B for your Private party, Garden party, Terras, Special event, Dance Classics Party, Hotel and other events.

If you like to listen to the live recorded mixes ?

DJ Ronald B uploaded his ´´live´´ mixes to

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